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Students interpret Pro-Anorexia Web sites as lifestyle guide

December 1st, 2005

Here is a look at pro-anorexia (pro-ana) web sites from a college student’s perspective. (The author, Sarah Riley, prefaces her article by stating that she does not have an eating disorder herself but wants to present her interpretation of the “lifestyle” advocated by these sites.)

I refer to anorexia as a lifestyle because that is what “Anas” prefer to call it. They find a distinct difference between “pro-Anas,” which is a person who has willfully chosen anorexia as a lifestyle, and “ED-Anas,” or anorexics that have spun completely out of control to the point that they are mutilating themselves and allowing the disease to overtake them.

Self-torture was a recurring theme in most all of the Web sites, with the exception of one. One part of the belief system states, “I believe that I am the most vile, worthless, and useless person ever to have existed on this planet, and that I am totally unworthy of anyone’s time and attention.” This type of thinking is echoed over and over, and it represents one of the many interesting contradictions in anorexic philosophy.

The author also observes the perceived virtue of self-denial and suffering among anorexics and their desire for admiration and envy for being thin, bu also notes that the “thinspiration” photos on many pro-ana sites aren’t of Gandhi but media celebrities such as Clarissa Flockhart and Kate Moss.

Pro-Anorexia Web sites reveal more about the lifestyle (The South End - Wayne State University)

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